Why Study at AUR

AUR Campus

There are a large number of options to study abroad in Italy, here are just a few reasons why you should study abroad at The American University of Rome (AUR) through UW-Platteville Education Abroad:

Onsite support and student services

Students studying abroad through UW-Platteville Education Abroad can rest assured knowing that the AUR on-site staff ensures everything from airport pick-up to securing accommodation and from assisting with course registration to organizing activities and excursions.

International perspective in an Italian setting

With students from 40 countries worldwide and award-winning international faculty, students are not only exposed to Italian culture but also have encounters with students and cultures from around the world. AUR’s unique international perspective is reflected in everything from classroom discussions to extracurricular activities.

Unique courses and education on location

AUR’s courses are designed to help students learn from an Italian perspective and through education on location. Courses held regularly or entirely on site is just one of the qualities that makes AUR famous. The many first-hand encounters with the rich art, history, and culture of Rome is often a highlight of the education abroad experience for students from all disciplines. AUR truly uses all of Rome as its classroom!

Endless Cocurricular opportunities

From student organizations on campus to all of the historical and cultural sights of Rome at AUR’s doorstep, there is never a dull moment for students studying at AUR because of the many cocurricular opportunities. And for those students who want to experience all that Rome and Italy have to offer, AUR regularly organizes reasonably priced, and often free, activities for students such as cooking classes, museum tours, attending sporting events, and day and weekend excursions around the country.

Students create strong ties to the local community

Living in genuine Italian apartments and neighborhoods and participating in AUR's excursions, activities, and events gives students a variety of opportunities to build real relationships and connections in and around Rome.


A semester abroad can be more expensive than a semester in the United States, so UW-Platteville Education Abroad strives to keep costs as low as possible with this in mind. By living like a local student and taking advantage of the on-site staff's extensive expertise, UW-Platteville Education Abroad and AUR are able to offer one of the most affordable education abroad programs in Rome.

A history of amazing experiences

UW-Platteville Education Abroad has been helping students from across the United States study at The American University of Rome (AUR) since 1999 and hundreds of students have rated it the best experience of their life.