UiS Accommodation

UiS Accommodation
UiS Accommodation
UiS Accommodation

Students studying at the University of Stavanger (UiS) can be accommodated in two different types of student dormitories: SiS or UiS Accommodation. The first option is owned by the Student Welfare Organization in Stavanger (SiS). SiS dormitories are sponsored by the state and largely distributed to Norwegian students. Because of the state sponsorship, they are normally lower in cost than UiS Accommodation. International students are given priority for a single room in the student dormitories, but accommodation is not guaranteed. Although specific furnishings vary from hall to hall, all halls provide a bed and desk and wardrobe space.

Part of the student housing available was designed by Magnus Øgård Meisal and Kristoffer Sørstrønen, civil engineering graduates of UiS. The design is based around shipping containers converted into flatlets with en-suite facilities.


Meals are paid for out-of-pocket by the student.  However, kitchen areas are provided in the dormatories and there are cafeterias located nearby.


All rooms have free broadband internet connection, and wi-fi is available for a small fee.  Adjustments with regard to speed and availability must be anticipated.


Paid-per-use washers and dryers are available.


The accommodation cost is to be paid out-of-pocket monthly by the student, and all rent and deposits are to be paid in Euros.  Please see UiS's website for additional information and the most up-to-date accommodation costs.

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