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Korea University Campus


UW-Platteville Education Abroad has been helping UW-Platteville students study at Korea University (KU) since 2015.  Since then, students have chosen to study abroad in Seoul, Korea on the UW-Platteville Exchange program.  Today students can study at KU for:

  • an academic year
  • fall semester
  • spring semester

Korea University consists of the Anam Campus (in Seoul), Sejong Campus (in Sejong Special Self-Governing City) and three auxiliary hospitals (Anam Hospital: Seongbuk-district in Seoul, Guro Hospital: Guro-district in Seoul, Ansan Hospital: Ansan-city in Gyeonggi Province). KU was born as “Bosung College” in 1905, and following national liberation in 1945, the college was elevated to the status of a university in 1946 and renamed Korea University. Throughout the modern history of the Republic of Korea, Korea University has stood as a symbol of the spirit of resistance, manifesting the conscience of the nation and critical intelligence. With 37,500 students total, KU treasures its proud and unique identity as the nation’s leading university, and continues to widen and deepen its recognition and capabilities around the world to become a leading globally-focused, research-driven university.

To learn more about Korea University, visit their website.

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