Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if I am eligible for Education Abroad?

Click here to see if you are eligible to participate in an education abroad program through UW-Platteville. If you are still unsure of your status, you can email the office at

What is required to apply?

The application requirements will vary from program to program but generally include: a statement of purpose, application fee, official transcript, two letters of recommendation (from a professor, academic advisor, and/or employer), course selection, and any forms required by the institution abroad.  All of the necessary application materials will be accessible via students’ UW-Platteville Education Abroad online application.

What if I want to apply to more than one program, should I apply twice?

You are only allowed to apply for one education abroad program per term. The UW-Platteville Education Abroad office and your academic advisor can help determine which program better fits your academic and personal goals and needs.

Who can the letters of recommendation come from?

Academic advisors, professors, coaches, and employers are all appropriate recommenders.  One of the two letters of recommendation must come from a professor or academic advisor as someone who can attest to your academic ability.

How do I apply for a passport?

Submitting a copy of your US passport is part of the education abroad application.  Students who do not have a US passport at the time of application can apply for one while applying to study abroad and notify the UW-Platteville Education Abroad office at the time of application. Upon notification that your passport application is pending, the UW-Platteville Education Abroad staff can continue processing your education abroad application with the knowledge that the US passport is on its way and will be received by the time you depart for your education abroad program. Please visit the State Department webpage to access the US passport application forms. You can also visit your local post office to get your passport photos done, or you can schedule an appointment with Campus Photography and get your passport photo done for only $5. The Platteville Post Office requires an appointment for passport photos. Note: You must apply for a passport book (not a passport card).

Will each program be offered every term?

UW-Platteville Education Abroad programs are offered for every term advertised unless low enrollment forces cancelation. 

UW-Platteville Exchange programs are offered every year, but some programs may only be offered in the spring semester or are only available for an academic year.

Short-Term Faculty-Led programs may not be offered every year, so please contact the UW-Platteville Education Abroad Office for details on STFL program offerings.

Affiliate programs are generally offered every term, but interested applicants should confirm with the education abroad program provider or the UW-Platteville Education Abroad Office.

How many students do you accept per program?

UW-Platteville Education Abroad programs generally have open enrollment, but in some cases, a cap may need to be set on enrollment should an excess of qualified applicants be received.

UW-Platteville Exchange programs and Short-Term Faculty-Led programs do have limited places per term; please contact UW-Platteville Education Abroad for more information on availability.

Affiliate programs may or may not have limited places per term; interested applicants should confirm with the education abroad program provider.

When will I know if I am accepted?

It depends on the program. In some cases, UW-Platteville Education Abroad decides on who is accepted into the program, and in others, the final decision is made by the education abroad program provider or the institution abroad. In all cases, UW-Platteville Education Abroad can typically review completed applications within a week. The office will notify students of acceptance or that the application will be forwarded to the appropriate people for final approval if they are determined to be a good candidate.

Is financial aid available for students participating in an education abroad program?

Yes!  Education abroad is an academic program, and therefore all financial aid applies (scholarships, grants, and loans.)  Financial aid for education abroad is determined in the same way as it is determined when attending classes on campus, with the exception that the additional costs of studying abroad are incorporated into the academic budget for the semester. Students should visit the financial aid office at their home institution to learn more.

What if I haven't received financial aid before?

Remember that students' need increases when their expenses for the semester increase.  Even if students are not currently receiving financial aid, they may want to consider applying for it for the academic year during which they plan to study abroad. Students should visit the financial aid office at their home institution to learn more.

What do I do about housing at Platteville while I am abroad?

This depends on the type of housing you have. For on-campus housing, be sure to visit Residence Life to see openings in the residence halls once you return or what you can do with your room if you study abroad during the spring semester. For off-campus housing, it is best to speak to your landlord or roommates to come up with an agreement, or you can find someone to sub-lease your apartment. For Platteville students, the class Facebook pages are great ways to find fellow students looking to sub-lease for a semester or for a short length of time.

**The Education Abroad Office does not assist in helping students find housing or subletters.

How do I know what classes to take abroad?

You will need to meet with your academic advisor to determine which courses you should take while abroad. You should take courses that interest you, but that also count towards your degree requirements. Your academic advisor will know what requirements you have left to fulfill your major, minor, general education, and elective requirements. On your PASS accounts you will also find your “My Academic Requirements” detailing what classes you still need to take for graduation, which is a helpful tool to see what all requirements you need to fulfill, such as major, minor, or general education requirements. It is important to look at the class offerings for your program of choice, as available courses vary.

When is the application deadline?

For the Education Abroad Office, we have one set deadline each semester, April 15 for Fall, Summer, and Academic Year terms and October 15 for Winterim, Spring, and Calendar Year terms.

*The deadlines for Short-Term Faculty-Led programs do not follow these dates, and for summer is it February 1st, winterim October 1st, and spring break November 15th.

*The deadlines for affiliate programs are listed on their sites, but affiliate applicants have to complete two applications, the providers and the UW-Platteville Education Abroad application. The UW-Platteville Education Abroad application is always due 2 weeks before the provider’s deadline.

How do I know how much a study abroad program costs?

It depends on both the program and the duration of the program. Long-term programs are generally more cost effective since the biggest ticket item, airfare, must be paid whether you are going for 2 weeks or a year. To check the prices of the program, visit the website. If you are unable to find the cost, reach out to either the Education Abroad Office or your program provider for more information.

Are there any scholarships for study abroad?

Yes! Check out the Scholarships page for a list of scholarships offered by UW-Platteville or program providers, but the page is not an extensive list. Students can search for scholarships online and apply for those for which they are eligible.

For UW-Platteville scholarships, the due dates are listed below:
 - Fall semester - October 15th
 - Winterim (International Study Scholarship ONLY) - November 1st
 - Spring and Summer (Summer International Study Scholarship ONLY) – April 15th

What if I require accommodations while studying abroad?

If you require any accommodations for you program, you need to notify the Education Abroad Office and/or your program provider of whatever you may need. If you are using UW-Platteville Disability Services, you can also sign a consent to release information so that the Education Abroad Office can speak with Disability Services to ensure that all your needs are met.