Financial Resources

Sydney, Australia

Students interested in studying abroad should consider all aspects that might affect pursuing an education abroad experience, including their personal financial situation. Program costs vary greatly based on a variety of factors, and UW-Platteville Education Abroad strives to keep costs down while maintaining high-quality programs. Please consider the following information and resources when planning for an education abroad experience.


  • Request money, a passport, etc. as a birthday present or a holiday gift from your family.
  • Use a crowdfunding website to organize your funds and ask those close to you to help support you. (Example: GoFundMe)
  • Visit your local Chamber of Commerce to see if your community has any funds set aside to support students. In some cases, you may present on your experience in return. 
  • Search online for study abroad scholarships- many small scholarships are out there for study abroad students based on destination, major, heritage, etc.


Visit the Education Abroad Scholarships page for more information, and be sure to plan ahead!  Many scholarships and grants have early application deadlines, so it is important to plan and apply early.


Determining how to fund an education abroad experience is a major consideration for students, so planning your finances early can help alleviate financial concerns later. While there are additional costs incurred with many education abroad programs, many students do not consider how much they already spend for a semester here in the U.S. Comparing costs can often help determine how realistic the program cost is for personal budgets.

Using the Estimating the Cost of an Education Abroad Program worksheet, first fill in the costs for an average semester here in the U.S. using your current billing, federal aid, and grants and scholarships.

Then find your program(s) of interest and access additional information on estimated costs and fill in the estimated program and out-of-pocket costs.


Please reference the Post-9/11 GI Bill Study Abroad Fact Sheet and the Wisconsin GI Bill for more information on coverage. Pay close attention to the section of the Wisconsin GI Bill entitled “What does the GI Bill remission cover and what doesn’t it cover?” for more information about what parts of study abroad the GI Bill remission does not cover.