Education Abroad by Major

UW-Platteville Education Abroad Students

As students begin thinking about participating on an education abroad program, the first question is often, “Where can I go for my major?”

UW-Platteville students have over 400 programs to choose from in 50 different countries ranging from two weeks to one year in length. Many programs offer a range of courses that may be taken to fulfill general education or elective credits for a variety of majors at UW-Platteville. Other programs may be better suited for a specific major or minor.

Click on your major to learn:

  • why an international experience is an essential part of your UW-Platteville degree.
  • what programs may be recommended by your department.
  • where other students in your department have recently studied abroad and why.
  • how to contact education abroad alumni from your department.

Don’t see your major listed? Contact the UW-Platteville Education Abroad office for more information.

Be sure to also visit the Academic Planning page for more information on how to incorporate an international experience into your degree progress.

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