Education Abroad for Foreign Languages

Why study foreign languages abroad?

Do you picture yourself translating for a client in a business meeting who speaks Spanish, French, or German? Teaching the language in a local school or working in a multilingual environment. Foreign Language majors, especially those studying Spanish within the United States, know that being bilingual sets them apart from their peers in today’s competitive and globalized market and that studying a language abroad can bring language learning to a whole new level. That being said, one of the best ways to enhance language proficiency is by being fully immersed in the environment and studying the target language abroad. Students will not only see improved language skills, but they will also acquire firsthand knowledge of the host country’s history and culture.

Upon graduation, having that international experience on a resume can also help distinguish applicants in the competitive job market. It can help demonstrate a global perspective of the field and real-world issues, flexibility and adaptability, and knowledge of and openness to other cultures.

WHERE foreign language students HAVE RECENTLY STUDIED


Spanish-American Institute of International Education, Spain

The Foreign Language Program has not identified any recommended programs for their students.  Students can ask their academic advisors if they have any recommended programs and/or courses based on their personal or other advisees' experiences abroad.

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