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No matter the field of engineering, there is a high probability that engineers will work on an international level at some point in their career. Whether it is collaborating with professionals or clients from around the world, teaching abroad, or taking part in an overseas project, opportunities for engineers are increasingly global.  Incorporating an international experience in a UW-Platteville engineering degree increases students' access to knowledge and theory from around the world and enables future engineers to learn and share new approaches to engineering education and problem solving.

Upon graduation, having international experience on a resume can also help distinguish applicants in the competitive job market.  It can help demonstrate a global perspective of the field and real-world issues, flexibility and adaptability, and knowledge of and openness to other cultures.


The Engineering Departments have not identified any recommended programs for their students.  Students can ask their academic advisors if they have any recommended programs and/or courses based on their personal or other advisees' experiences abroad.

Contact Education Abroad Alumni

Interested in hearing from other engineering students who have studied abroad?  The following education abroad alumni are interested in connecting with prospective participants and may be contacted with questions and for more information about their experiences abroad.

Name Program Major, Minor Term Abroad E-mail
Carley Bevry University of Limerick, Ireland Environmental Engineering Spring 2013
Logan Brecklin Renewable Energy in Nicaragua, Nicaragua Electrical Engineering, Renewable Energy Spring Break 2014
Zach Bubolz Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands Industrial Engineering Fall 2013
Kyle Denn University of Limerick, Ireland Industrial Engineering and Mathematics Spring 2013
Victoria Dittman The History of Science and Technology in Europe, Europe Mechanical Engineering Summer 2014
Eric Hoppe University of Newcastle, Australia Mechanical Engineering Spring 2014
Andrea Larson Renewable Energy in Nicaragua, Nicaragua Industrial Engineering Spring Break 2014
Kim Laufenberg University of Canterbury, New Zealand Environmental Engineering, Mathematics and Renewable Energy Spring 2013
Rachael McWilliams China Short Study Tour, China Industrial Engineering, Business Administration Spring 2014
Hannah Molitor Spanish-American Institute of International Education, Spain Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, Spanish Spring 2013
Reed Slaby Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany Electrical Engineering Spring 2013
Marissa Wildeck The History of Science and Technology in Europe, Europe Civil Engineering Summer 2013


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