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Harlaxton, England - A Tale of Four Cities: Diversity, Immigration and Identity (3 cr.)
Program Dates: May 19 - June 2, 2018
Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Collins
Application Deadline: January 22, 2018


In the teaching profession, educators must be able to understand and appreciate all cultures as classrooms in the United States are becoming increasingly multinational, multicultural, and, in some cases, multilingual.  As such, teachers must be able to teach their students to be responsible global citizens by sharing their own understanding of and appreciation for other cultures.  

By including an international experience in a UW-Platteville education degree, students will gain firsthand knowledge of and experience with different learning models and teaching methods.  Students' futures as educators hold endless opportunities to interact internationally, and participating on an education abroad program can help students make professional contacts with current and future educators around the world.

Upon graduation, having international experience on a resume can also help distinguish applicants in the competitive job market.  It can help demonstrate a global perspective of the field and real-world issues, flexibility and adaptability, and knowledge of and openness to other cultures.

Where education majors have recently studied


The School of Education has not identified any recommended programs for their students.  Students can ask their academic advisors if they have any recommended programs and/or courses based on their personal or other advisees' experiences abroad.

Contact Education ABroad Alumni

Interested in hearing from other criminal justice or forensic investigation students who have studied abroad?  The following education abroad alumni are interested in connecting with prospective participants and may be contacted with questions and for more information about their experiences abroad.

Name Program Major, Minor Term Abroad E-mail
Brianna Hardginski Universidad Catolica de Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador Education, Spanish and TESOL Winterim 2013
Jennifer Richardson Spanish-American Institute of International Education, Spain Elementary Education Summer 2013 and Spring 2014


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