Education Abroad for Business and Accounting

Why study business administration & accounting abroad?

While the term “globalized world” is often tossed around, if there is one field where it truly applies, it is in business.  An increasing number of companies, from small local businesses to large corporations, have international interests and are looking for employees with the ability to work cross-culturally. Participating on an education abroad program as part of a UW-Platteville business administration or accounting degree gives students the opportunity to network with other business students from around the world, discover internship and work opportunities, and broaden their perspective.

Upon graduation, having international experience on a resume can also help distinguish applicants in the competitive job market.  It can help demonstrate a global perspective of the field and real-world issues, flexibility and adaptability, and knowledge of and openness to other cultures.


recommended programs

Spanish-American Institute of International Education, Spain

*The School of Business has not identified any recommended programs for their students.  Students can ask their academic advisors if they have any recommended programs and/or courses based on their personal or other advisees' experiences abroad.