Education Abroad for Biology

Howler Monkey

Why study biology abroad?

Participating on an education abroad experience gives students the opportunity to gain global perspectives in the field of biology. Depending on students' interests, there are opportunities to study abroad and potentially take advanced or specialized coursework that is not offered in the United States.  Opportunities to intern, do fieldwork, research, and participate in service learning projects are also available to give students real, hands-on experience in the field.  No matter the program, students are able to gain knowledge and a new appreciation for how science impacts populations worldwide.

Upon graduation, having international experience on a resume can also help distinguish applicants in the competitive job market.  It can help demonstrate a global perspective of the field and real-world issues, flexibility and adaptability, and knowledge of and openness to other cultures.

recommended Programs

University of the South Pacific, Fiji


CEA San Jose, Costa Rica - Medical Spanish & Health Sciences
The American University of Rome, Italy
University of Newcastle, Australia Exchange
University of the South Pacific, Fiji
UW-Platteville Short-Term Faculty-Led: Ecology & Conservation, Costa Rica
UW-Platteville Short-Term Faculty-Led:History of Science & Technology in Europe