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Interested in hearing about the experiences of other students who have already studied abroad at the University of Newcastle?  The following UW-Platteville Education Abroad program alumni have agreed to share information with prospective participants, so feel free to contact them with questions or to just hear more about the amazing experience of studying abroad!

Name Home Institution Major, Minor Term Abroad E-mail
Gabrielle Defrancesco High Point University Business & Management Fall 2014
Brian Havel University of Illinois at Chicago Biology Fall 2014
Paige Ehrecke UW-Platteville Biology Spring 2014
Eric Hoppe UW-Platteville Mechanical Engineering Spring 2014
Ben Packard UW-Platteville Industrial Engineering Fall 2014
Brent Schmidt UW-Platteville Criminal Justive Fall 2014
Noelle Wait UW-River Falls Education Fall 2014
Jessie Rochel UW-Stout Mechanical Engineering Fall 2014


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