AUR Visa Information

AUR Study Abroad Students

A student visa is required for students intending to study in Italy for a semester or academic year.  Students participating on a summer or winterim program are not required to have a visa. 

A visa is an official document affixed in a U.S. Passport by the Italian Consulate General granting permission to live and study in Italy for the duration that the visa is valid.  Students need to apply to the Italian Consulate General with jurisdiction over their permanent residence (not their school address) and be aware that each Consulate may differ slightly in its visa application requirements.   Students are advised to contact the Italian Consulate General in their jurisdiction to confirm visa requirements and whether an in-person appointment is necessary.

Entry into Italy must take place within 60 days of obtaining the student visa, so students cannot apply for it more than 60 days prior to their departure.  In addition, the student’s U.S. Passport must be valid at least three months beyond the student’s planned stay in Italy.  As of January 2013, there is no fee to apply for an Italian student visa.  Upon acceptance into The American University of Rome, all of the necessary documents that students need to apply for their visa will be provided to them by UW-Platteville Education Abroad. 

Students will be given additional information and instructions upon acceptance into the program, and for the most up to date information on the Italian student visa process and procedures, please visit the Embassy of Italy in Washington's website:

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