Actively Serving & Student Veterans

The Education Abroad office has sent students of all kinds abroad to study, including actively serving students, such as Guardsmen, and we have also in the past sent veteran students on our education abroad programs. Some of you, such as veterans, may have traveled several times, while some of you may not have traveled outside the country yet. Whatever is the case, the Education Abroad office is here to help! Education abroad programs provide students with opportunities to explore and learn about cultures, languages, and more while in an academic setting. 

Many veterans are still able to use the benefits provided to them to aid in funding their education abroad opportunity. For more information and resources, refer to the Robert and James Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students in third floor Royce Hall or refer to their page for contact information. Students can also refer to the VA Benefits Fact Sheet on Post 9/11 GI Bill and Study Abroad, detailing how the GI Bill can help you get closer to your plan to study abroad. The UW System website also provides an overview for information regarding all varieties of questions, including the GI Bill and benefits.