Sexual Violence Victim's Advocate


The Sexual Violence Victim's Advocate is here to provide support, crisis intervention, and resources to victims/survivors of sexual violence.  The current advocate on campus is Paula Schoenberg.  Paula is the Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at Family Advocates, a non-profit organization serving survivors of sexual violence and family/partner abuse in Grant, Lafayette, and Iowa Counties.  Paula is currently serving eight hours a week at the University.  Her support and advocacy is always free and confidential.  Appointments may be made ahead of time, but walk-in services are permitted as well.


Room 130, Warner Hall
608.778.9802 (text or call)

Open, Drop-In Advocacy

Mondays: Noon - 4 pm
Th: 8 A.M. - Noon

Support Group

Mondays: 4 - 5 pm


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