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Dobson Hall, named after George R. Dobson and built in 1965, provides a living environment for men and women. Dobson is one of the larger residence halls on campus with approximately 320 residents. The hall is very active in hall and campus sponsored events. Each fall Dobson staff and residents host Trick or Treat, a safe Halloween event for the children and their families in the Platteville community. Over 300 families participate each year. During the spring semester, Dobson hosts Jail N Bail, an annual charity event, where students can "arrest" their friends and hall staff. The charities for the event are selected each year by the Dobson Hall Forum, the Hall Involvement Team

Happy February y'all

Spring Semester brings many important activities such as Room Reservations for the 2018-2019 academic year or beginning the process of applying for On-campus Jobs for next year. Also, remember that Snow Emergency Parking is in effect. This means when a SEP is in effect, students may have to move their cars from street or parking lot spaces. Keep your eyes peeled for information about all of these things as the semester progresses.

Hall Involvement Team | Meeting every other Monday
The Hall Involvement team will be hosting meeting every other Monday at 9:15 pm in the Multi-Purpose Room in the basement of Dobson (right off of the kitchen). If you would like to help plan building wide programs, or have suggestions stop by the meetings – we would love your input.

Safety Tip of the Month | Mental Health / Bystander Awareness
Mental health issues are quite common for students in their young twenties. It is so important to seek our help and assistance if something is not feeling right. Common signs of mental health changes include major changes in appetite, sleeping patterns, energy levels, and interest in certain activities. If you or a friend is experiencing some or all of these symptoms, we encourage you to seek support from our University Counseling Services located on the 2nd Floor of Royce Hall.

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If you ever have questions throughout the school year, don't be afraid to talk to your RA. That's what they are here for!

Looking forward to another great semester!


Kyle D. Herberg | M. Ed
Dobson Hall | Resident Director

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