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Award-Winning Students

Mission Statement: Our mission is to foster a diverse environment that contributes to an inclusive culture and climate by promoting critical discourse and meaningful interactions between all members of our campus community.

Vision Statement: We strive to create a campus that

  • provides access and support for underserved populations;
  • has an inclusive and just culture;
  • values understanding, compassion, and acceptance;
  • is committed to the ideals of social justice;
  • prepares students for global citizenship;
  • and is collaborative, safe, and respectful.

Diversity: Multifaith Room

Multifaith Room

The Multifaith Room is a dedicated space for all students, faculty, and staff from all religious or non-religious backgrounds to meditate, pray, or reflect individually or in a group. Located in the Mound Room, Markee Pioneer Student Center, the Multifaith Room is open Monday–Friday from 11:30 a.m.–2 p.m.

For a list of major world religious and cultural holidays for the current academic year, please click here.

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