Virtual Team and Project Management

Course Number: DEL 7610
Course Name: Virtual Team and Project Management (Online)
Course Description:    DEL 7610 Virtual Team and Project Management covers current issues, emerging trends, and best practices in managing virtual teams and projects. Content will include topics such as optimal team composition, virtual team development, communicating and leading virtually, performance management, project management charters, work breakdown structure, planning, budget, risk management, scheduling, and control/evaluation. Students will demonstrate mastery of course content utilizing their actual contextual settings and case studies/scenarios.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership
Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to

  • Critique best practices, models, and current trends in virtual teaming.
  • Design a personal model for virtual team management and leadership.
  • Distinguish the principle components and dependencies of effective project management.
  • Construct a project management plan for an actual project to be implemented by a virtual team.

Modality Emphasis
A fundamental understanding of the different learning environment modalities for virtual education is valuable for individuals advancing in the field of Distance Education Leadership. This course is comprised of solely asynchronous components; however, the opportunity for synchronous sessions exists either via an orientation seminar with the instructor or if your group agrees to synchronous meetings regarding the group project.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1: Virtual Teams and Project Management
Upon completion of this unit, you should be able to

  • Define a project.
  • Define the process of a project.
  • Review building virtual teams.
  • Examine traits in virtual leadership.
  • Apply peer and self-assessment techniques.
  • Mitigate conflict in the virtual landscape.
  • Apply basic principles working with small classes and groups.

Unit 2: Virtual Team Technology/Project Principles
Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to

  • Implement various online tools in your virtual team.
  • Define project principles, and more specifically how they relate to virtual teams.
  • Implement various communication technologies in your virtual team.
  • Manage project activity and plan for risk.
  • Implement and manage a budget in your virtual team.

Unit 3: Enterprise and Global Teams
Upon completion of this lesson, you should be able to

  • Identify challenges of managing projects across borders.
  • Understand cultural differences and how those dynamics impact decision making.
  • Implement tips for developing trust online.
  • Define guidelines that will help ensure success with corporate virtual teaming.
  • Apply the finer points of scheduling projects while considering the challenges of virtual teams.
  • Manage teams that include virtual engineers.

Grading Information

Assignment Possible Points
Weekly Discussion Posts (10 @ 30 pts. each) 300 points
Virtual Team Project – Team Charter 20 points
Virtual Team Project – Body of Knowledge Mid-Term Check Point 40 points
Virtual Team Project – Body of Knowledge Final Submission 250 points
Virtual Team Project – Team Reflections 40 points
Project Management Plan - Topic Essay 20 points
Project Management Plan - Outline 40 points
Project Management Plan – Final Plan 250 points
Professional Development Journal Reflection 40 points
Total: 1,000 points

Grading Scale
A 940 - 1,000 points
A- 900 - 939 points
B+ 870 - 899 points
B 840 - 869 points
B- 800 - 839 points
C+ 770 - 799 points
C 740 - 769 points
C- 700 - 739 points
D+ 670 - 699 points
D 640 - 669 points
D- 600 - 639 points
F 0 - 599 points


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