Course Number: CRIMLJUS 7430
Course Name: Victimology (Online)
Course Description:    Although individuals have been victimized by crime since the beginning of recorded human life, the study of crime victims, or victimology, is of relatively recent origin. This course provides an extensive overview of the principles and concepts of victimology, an analysis of victimization patterns and trends, and theoretical reasoning and responses to criminal victimization. In addition, this course explores the role of victimology in the criminal justice system, examining the consequences of victimization and the various remedies now available for victims.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

The objectives of this course are to explore and better understand specific crime victim issues such as the following:

  • The rediscovery of crime victims and the rise of victimology
  • Empirical facts about crime victims
  • Victims' contribution to crime
  • The nature, types, and prevalence of family abuse and family violence
  • Physical, sexual and psychological child abuse
  • Physical and sexual adult abuse
  • Victimization by strangers
  • Theoretical interpretations on physical abuse, sexual abuse, and other forms of victimization
  • Consequences of family violence and violence across the life course
  • The criminal justice system and professional responses to child and adult violence and abuse
  • Treatment and prevention of family abuse
  • Repaying victims, victim rights and alternative directions

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1
Lesson 1: The Rediscovery of Victims and the Rise in Victimology
Lesson 2: Empirical Facts about Crime Victims and Victims' Contribution to the Crime Picture
Lesson 3: The Nature, Types, and Prevalence of Family Abuse and Family Violence
Lessons 4 and 5: Physical, Sexual, and Psychological Child Abuse

Unit 2
Lesson 6 and 7: Physical and Sexual Adult Abuse
Lesson 8: International Victimization
Lesson 9: Theoretical Interpretations of Abuse and Deviance
Lesson 10: Consequences of Family Abuse and Violence

Unit 3
Lesson 11: Victim Contribution, Treatment, & Prevention of Family Abuse
Lesson 12: Victim Input with Criminal Case Processing and Outcomes
Lesson 13: Victim's Rights and Needs
Lesson 14: Assisting Victims, Where Do We Go From Here

Grading Information

Weekly Assignments 40%
Final Paper 30%
Final Exam 30%
Total: 100%


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