Research Methods in Criminal Justice

Course Number: CRIMLJUS 3900
Course Name: Research Methods in Criminal Justice (Online)
Course Description:    An introduction to research methods in criminal justice and criminology, with applications to both pure and applied research. The course provides a basic conceptual framework for understanding and interpreting criminal justice research as well as designing, conducting, and evaluating research projects.
Prerequisites:    CRIMLJUS 2130 and CRIMLJUS 2230 with a "C-" or better in each, MATH 1830 and junior standing or a Forensic Investigation major, MATH 1830 and junior standing
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the various methods of conducting empirical research.
  • Define key research terms and concepts.
  • Be critical consumers of research.
  • Identify the steps in the research process.
  • Develop research questions and hypotheses.
  • Find and summarize literature and statistics relevant to a particular research question.
  • Operationalize a research question.
  • Demonstrate basic analytical logic given appropriate summary data.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1: Introduction to Criminal Justice Inquiry
Unit 2: Structuring Criminal Justice Inquiry
Unit 3: Modes of Operation
Unit 4: Application and Analysis

Grading Information

Grades will be determined based on total accumulated points throughout the semester. The breakdown of points is as follows:

Quiz 1 35 points
Quiz 2 35 points
Quiz 3 45 points
Quiz 4 30 points
Summery of Journal Article 50 points
1st Project 20 points
2nd Project 25 points
Mini Assignments (9) 90 points
News Article Assignments (2) 20 points
Participation 30 points
Total: 380 points


Grading Scale
A 342 - 380 points
B 304 - 341 points
C 266 - 303 points
D 240 - 265 points
F 0 - 239 points


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