Register for Courses

Register for Online Courses

  1. Check the Important Dates and note deadlines.
  2. Review the Course Offerings for your program.
  3. Check for Course Closings in the announcements.
  4. Contact your advisor to discuss your registration plans, as well as financial aid, military benefits, or other third-party payment options.
  5. Click the PASS icon and log in with your student NetID (username) and password (for password assistance, contact the Distance Learning Help Desk). Click on the Tasks tile.
    • Every semester, you will have a Registration Agreement Hold placed on your account. You will need to complete the Registration Agreement under the Task tile, which will release this hold.
    • Check your Task tile to ensure you complete all other holds.
    • Return to the PASS homepage and click on the Student Center tile to proceed to enrollment.
    • Click Enroll and follow the directions for each screen.
  6. Order your textbooks. You must have your textbooks prior to the first day of class. Be sure to match ISBNs and editions carefully. Courses are NOT compatible with international editions.
  7. Take note of our Participation Policy.

Undergraduate Students

  • Note that UW-Platteville’s distance education courses are listed in the “X Undergraduate” course career area.
  • Students admitted to a distance program may register for UW Colleges courses by searching for “UW Colleges Online” in the subject area.  Please discuss this option and any restrictions with your advisor. Important dates for UW Colleges courses can be found toward the bottom of the academic calendars.
  • Campus students require special permission to register for distance courses. To obtain permission to register, visit our campus borrow process page for more information.

Graduate Students

  • Note that distance education courses are denoted with an ‘X’ in PASS.

Special Students

  • If you are taking a course as a special (non-degree-seeking) student, see the instructions for Single Course Enrollment.

Register for Print Courses

If you are seeking an undergraduate degree through UW-Platteville, contact your advisor to register for a print-based course.