Proctor Information

Distance learning courses often include proctored exams. Unless you live near the UW-Platteville campus, the most efficient way to administer examinations is with the help of local proctors. Proctors are people approved by the Center for Distance Learning to administer examinations to students off campus. Contact the Center for Distance Learning at 800.362.5460 or 608.342.1468 if you have questions. 

Print-Based Courses

If you are taking print-based courses through the Center for Distance Learning, you should choose a proctor soon after enrolling. Most of the print-based courses require proctored exams.

Online Courses

The majority of UW-Platteville's online courses have online examinations or test student knowledge via written assignments, papers, and projects. If you are taking courses in the online format only, you can wait to set up a proctor until you are ready to enroll in a course that requires proctored examinations. If an online course has proctored exams, it will be noted within the course listing on our website and in PASS. If you do not have a proctor on file with the Center for Distance Learning, you must submit a proctor nomination form at the time you register.

Proctor Approval Process

  1. Read the proctor guidelines carefully before you ask someone to be your proctor.
  2. Let your potential proctor review the guidelines before accepting your request. He/she may call the Center for Distance Learning at 800.362.5460 or 608.342.1468 and speak to the student/faculty coordinator about any concerns or questions.
  3. When you find someone who meets the guidelines and is willing to serve as your proctor, complete and return a Proctor Nomination Form to the Center for Distance Learning. Do not give this form to your proctor to complete.
  4. Your proctor nomination will be reviewed and upon preliminary approval, your proctor will be asked to complete an additional form for the Center for Distance Learning. If the nomination is not approved, you will be notified and you will need to submit a new Proctor nomination form.
  5. Please Note: You may not request examinations until your proctor is approved by the Center for Distance Learning. Do not assume that you have a proctor on file just because you have submitted the first form. You will receive written notification when your proctor has been approved.

    Proctor Guidelines and Nomination Forms for:
    - Students living with the U.S.
    - Students living outside of the U.S.

Change or Re-nominate a Proctor

  1. You may have only one proctor at a time.
  2. You will be allowed to change proctors if necessary by nominating a new proctor.
  3. You may also be required to re-nominate proctors after periods of prolonged inactivity in the program.

Exams for Print-Based Courses

  1. Your course information will indicate when examinations are to be taken.
  2. You must have an approved proctor by the start of the course and request examinations in a timely fashion.
  3. Request your exam using the process described in your course material. You should allow at least 10 days from the time that you request the examination for your proctor to receive it. Examinations mailed outside the United States will take longer, so please plan accordingly.
  4. Examinations will be sent to your approved proctor; NOT to you. Notify your proctor when you order an examination and schedule a time to take the test.
  5. For print-based courses, you have 30 days to take an exam once it is received by your proctor.
  6. The proctor will administer the exam and return it to the course instructor.

Exams for Online Courses

When an online course begins, the Center for Distance Learning will send a packet with all exams for the course to your approved proctor.  You will then need to contact your proctor to schedule a time to take each exam as you progress through the online course. Proctors will be instructed to return any exams to our office that have not been completed by the end of the online course.