Organizational Communication

Course Number: MEDIA 7330
Course Name: Organizational Communication (Online)
Course Description:    Organizational communication can be analyzed through quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research. This course focuses on organizational communication practice and research that examines communication from, with, and about organizations.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Project Management
Master of Science in Organizational Change Management

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Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to

  • Analyze case studies and determine alternative communication strategies in specified situations.
  • Analyze scholarly research about organizational communication.
  • Develop a preliminary communication audit plan for a current organization.
  • Discuss various types of research methods used to understand organizational communication.

Grading Criteria for Activities
This course relies on reading assignments, self-directed Internet searches, discussions, and a project (the communication audit proposal).

  • Discussions: You will have seven discussions on the case studies in this course. Discussions should be lively, substantive postings with careful consideration of reading material. Each discussion post should be about 250 words.
  • Activities: Working towards the final project, a few activities will be required. One activity is a concept map that depicts your descriptions of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods in research. Another activity will be the development of a memo "cover" for the communication audit proposal, where permission to implement the plan is sought. A third activity is an outline of the communication audit process - think of this as an executive summary. All three of these activities will require a peer review where you will review the work submitted by another student.
  • Project: The final project is the revised memo and the complete communication audit plan. This will be peer reviewed.
Assignment Possible Points
Discussions (7 @ 50 pts. each) 350 points
Activities & Reviews (6 @ 50 pts. each) 300 points
Project 200 points
Project Review 50 points
Total: 900 points

Grading Scale

A 90% - 100%
B 80% - 89%
C 70% - 79%
D 60% - 69%
F 0% - 59%


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