Mission and Goals


The purpose of the distance learning center is to provide centralized services to all faculty, staff, and students involved with distance education.


  1. Serve in a liaison role between students and faculty, staff, UW-Platteville administrative offices*, external agencies (i.e. DVR, Veteran’s Affairs, UW Colleges, etc.) to allow for centralized customer service for distance students
  2. Provide UW-Platteville campus alumni with relevant, timely, and important information about distance learning at UW-Platteville
  3. Serve as a conduit to distance learning alumni for academic, social, and professional opportunities related to distance learning and UW-Platteville
  4. Provide support and assistance to UW-Platteville administrative offices in the services provided to students. Design, adapt, and implement administrative processes to better meet the needs of students enrolled at a distance
  5. Provide student services that reflect or expand upon the services offered by the traditional campus administrative offices to serve non-traditional and distance students
  6. Develop promotional materials for print and online distribution
  7. Design a plan for the promotional mix that will give the broadest exposure within budget constraints
  8. Facilitate the development of corporate and educational partnerships
  9. Design communication methods to recruit distance students and improve retention through all stages of admission, re-enrollment, and degree completion
  10. Oversee course development and revision processes to ensure timely and accurate completion of courses
  11. Provide initial and on-going training for faculty/staff in developing and teaching distance courses
  12. Develop, implement, and review assessment/evaluation mechanisms for all areas listed above

*These offices/services include, but are not limited to: admissions, advising, registration, financial aid, textbooks, cashiering, orientation, library, technical support, grade processing, and graduation.

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