Master's Program Graduation

Graduation Procedures

  1. Approximately one month prior to your final semester, contact your advisor regarding your intent to graduate by emailing him/her your full name, major, and the month and year of your anticipated graduation.
  2. Schedule a review with your advisor to ensure you’ve met all graduation requirements and fulfilled all financial obligations to UW-Platteville.
  3. Upon completion of your graduation review, you will receive a link to the File for Master’s Degree form via email.
  4. Once we receive your completed File for Master’s Degree form, we will notify you that a $40 graduation fee has been posted to your PASS account. To pay the fee, log into your PASS account Student Center, click on Make a Payment, and follow the instructions.
  5. Upon receipt of your File for Master's Degree form, the Distance Learning Center will notify the School of Graduate Studies of your candidacy for graduation and your anticipated graduation date.

NOTE: To be included in the printed graduation bulletin and other graduation procedures, we must receive your completed File for Master’s Degree form by:

  • February 1 for Spring Commencement
  • February 1 for Summer Commencement
  • October 1 for Fall Commencement

Commencement Information

Approximately two months before graduation, students who have a File for Master’s Degree form on file will receive information about the commencement ceremonies, purchasing of cap/tassel/gown/master’s hood, and other commencement activities from the Distance Learning Center.

Note that ceremonies are only held at the end of the fall and spring semesters. Students graduating in summer can walk in the ceremony immediately before or after that summer term.

Learn more about the ceremonies and our other commencement activities.

Receipt of Degree

Once all grades are posted from your final semester, you have submitted your File for Master’s Degree form, and all financial obligations are met, the School of Graduate Studies will complete a final audit. Once the School of Graduate Studies posts your degree, you will receive an official student copy of your transcript reflecting the posted degree. About 10-12 weeks after the end of the semester, you should then receive your actual diploma/degree in the mail.

NOTE: You will not receive a diploma or an official transcript until you have paid your $40 graduation fee.

If your address changes, or you want your diploma sent to an alternate address, please contact the School of Graduate Studies at and specify that the request pertains to your diploma.

Contact the Center for Distance Learning at 800.362.5460 or 608.342.1468 for more information.