Marketing Research

Course Number: BUSADMIN 3700
Course Name: Marketing Research  (Online)
Course Description:


Marketing is an evolving field that constantly looks for improvement. Research in its various forms is the tool to inform that evolution. This course will provide both theoretical foundations and direct experience in conducting informative marketing research. Topics include formal and impromptu marketing research projects that marketing professionals might encounter in a professional setting, the research process and designs, evaluation of data, and presentation of findings.
Prerequisites: (BUSADMIN 2630 or AGINDUS 2430) and (ECONOMIC 2410 or MATH 1830 or BUSADMIN 2340)
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

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Course Rationale: Business Administration 3700, Marketing Research, is an upper-division business course that will provide you with an introduction to conducting meaningful and informative marketing research. Information-based decision making has become critically important in today’s business environment. Although managers now have more access to data than they ever have before, structured marketing research processes still provide essential knowledge where automatic data capture may not be possible. At the end of this course, you will be prepared to identify a problem and develop, analyze, and report findings on marketing research.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the advantages and limitations of marketing research.
  • Evaluate complex scenarios that may be solved by marketing research.
  • Produce an actionable marketing research proposal.
  • Select an appropriate research design for a marketing research project.
  • Create an instrument and use it to collect data.
  • Analyze data for findings.
  • Generate a written report and presentation describing the findings from a research project.

Units are set up as Modules with the following descriptions:

Module 1 explores the purpose of marketing research and provides an overview of the marketing research process. Problem definition is also covered in detail.
Module 2 introduces different types of research designs and provides considerations for selecting an appropriate design.
Module 3 focuses heavily on instrument development.
Module 4 provides an overview of various data analysis techniques and concludes the course by describing how to prepare both written and oral reports.

Exams: none

Assignments Group and Individual: 
In this course you will have assignments that you will work on as an individual, and you will have other assignments that you will work on as a team. The course assignments are listed below.
Module 1: Problem and Purpose (Team)
Module 2: Research Proposal (Team)
Module 2: Mid-Course Case Simulation (Individual)
Module 3: Research Instrument Initial Draft (Team)
Module 3: Research Instrument Final Version (Team)
Module 4: Research Report and Presentation (Team).
Module 4: End-of-Course Case Written (Individual)

Assignment Requirements
All written assignments must be typewritten, proofread and corrected for grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. Unless otherwise specified by the instructor, all written assignments must be completed using Microsoft Word and the APA style format. A portion of your grade for each assignment will be based on these requirements.

Assignments must be submitted to the Desire2Learn Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. (CDT) on the day they are due. Each paper will be graded electronically. Hard-copy assignments will not be accepted.

At the discretion of the instructor, assignments may be accepted for significantly reduced points past the original due date. All late assignments will earn an automatic grade reduction of 50% for that assignment.

Feedback on assignments will be provided within seven days of submission.

Grading Information

Point Values for the Course Assignments

Module 1: Problem and Purpose (Team) 50 points
Module 2: Research Proposal (Team) 100 points
Module 2: Mid-Course Case Simulation (Individual) 150 points
Module 3: Research Instrument Initial Draft (Team) 100 points
Module 3: Research Instrument Final Version (Team) 150 points
Module 4: Research Report and Presentation (Team) 200 points
Module 4: End-of-Course Case (Individual) 150 points
Total: 900 points

Evaluation Criteria
The following guidelines will be used to assess the assignments:

  • Grammar and mechanics – 20%
  • Demonstrated knowledge of concepts from textbook and research – 50%
  • Demonstrated critical and forward thinking about application of concepts – 30%

This course has been designed to give you ample practice at applying the skills you will learn. Your performance on the assignments and final research project all contribute to your overall grade for the course.

Your final grade is based on the total points you accumulate as compared to the 900 total points available in the course. The letter grade breakdown is:

Grading Scale
A 93% - 100%
A- 90% - 92%
B+ 87% - 89%
B 84% - 86%
B- 80% - 83%
C+ 77% - 79%
C 74% - 76%
C- 70% - 73%
D+ 67% - 69%
D 60% - 66%
F 0% - 59%


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