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Alumni Relations

Do you have alumni services?

Yes.  All alumni are considered equal at UW-Platteville. Information on available services to UW-Platteville alumni can be found through the Donor & Alumni Engagement Office.

In addition, Distance Education has a chapter for Distance Education alumni. Consider becoming a board member.

How do I join the Distance Education Alumni Board?

Please email disted@uwplatt.edu with your interest to join the Distance Education Alumni Board. Also, watch for an occassional email about board member interest.

How do I find out about alumni events?

The Donor & Alumni Engagement Office hosts events all year throughout the United States. Please see the Alumni Event Calendar for event details.

How does joining the alumni association benefit me?

Besides giving back to your alma mater, alumni association memberships offer many benefits including discounts to events and access to career services. A full list of benefits can be found here.

Alumni association memberships also directly support the Distance Education Alumni Board.

I want to connect with other alumni. Is there a directory or social networking site where I can find other alumni?

While there is not a directory available, custom alumni lists can be created. Finding a classmate or even an alumnus living near you is a simple process that the Donor & Alumni Engagement Office can assist with. Please contact them at 608.342.1181.

The Distance Education Alumni Board also maintains several social media sites in conjunction with the Distance Learning Center. You can find fellow alumni using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

What opportunities are there for me to be involved as an alumnus or to become an active alumni member?

There are many ways you can give back to UW-Platteville. Besides serving on one of the boards, you also can:

    Become a Student Ambassador
    Attend an event in your area.
    Host an event in your area.
    Sponsor a scholarship or donate to a fund of your choosing.
    Sponsor an event such as An Evening in Monte Carlo.
    Hire a UW-Platteville Distance Education graduate.
    Mentor a fellow alumnus.
    Encourage an individual to become a UW-Platteville student.
    Sign up for the monthly newsletters.
    Wear a UW-Platteville Alumni t-shirt.
    Volunteer to serve on an Alumni Board.

There are many additional ways to remain active with UW-Platteville after graduation. Please submit your desired way by completing our Involvement Survey.

What is a Student Ambassador and how do I participate?

The Student Ambassador program was created to give prospective students an opportunity to speak with a current student or alumni if they would like to ask more questions about their experiences with distance education. They may want to know how you juggled work/family/school, get your thoughts on what you leared, or ask your insight on group projects. Sometimes, a prospective student might just need reassurance that someone else is in the same boat they are - and who better to hear that from than someone you has actually been there?

To be considered as a Student Ambassador, contact Karen Adams, Corporate Marketing Director, at 608.342.1468 or adamska@uwplatt.edu


Career Services

My company has employment opportunities I would like to share with other alumni or current students. How can I get these opportunities shared?

The Academic and Career Advising Center oversees a database of job positions known as the Pioneer Career Network (PCN). The PCN is for posting any level of position, not only entry level.  To share an opportunity, please visit the Employer PCN site.

In addition to posting on the PCN, your employer may want to take advantage of meeting students in person by attending a UW-Platteville career fair. Career fairs occur in both the fall and spring semesters. For more information on how you can participate, please visit the Academic and Career Advising Center Career Fair page.

Where can I get help finding a position in my career field?

The Academic and Career Advising Center maintains a database of current available positions known as the Pioneer Career Network (PCN). You can search for your desired position by accessing the PCN.

My resume needs updating; do you have programs to help?

The Academic and Career Advising Center offers a variety of services, including resume assistance, to current alumni. The services and level of service vary on several factors.  To ensure you will receive the best level of service, consider joining the Alumni Association. For a full list of services and fees, please visit the Alumni Career Services page.


Degree Information

How do I obtain a transcript?

You can obtain a copy of your transcript from the Registrar’s Office.  For information on how to request a transcript and the cost of the transcript, please visit the Transcript Request page.

When will my diploma arrive?

Once the Registrar’s Office posts your degree, you will receive an official student copy of your transcript reflecting the posted degree. About 10-12 weeks after the end of the semester, you should then receive your actual diploma/degree in the mail.


Continued Education

As an undergraduate alumnus, how do I pursue a Master’s degree with UW-Platteville Distance Education?

Visit Distance Learning Center for information on the 100% online degrees offered at UW-Platteville. If you’re ready to take the next step in your educational journey, contact an admission specialist (phone: 608.342.1468 or email: DistanceEd@uwplatt.edu) and they can answer any questions you may have and assist you with the application process.

Do you offer any continuing education courses?

UW-Platteville offers a variety of continuing education courses both online and in person through the Office of Continuing Education. Please be sure to check often as the course schedule varies each season. Please visit the Office of Continuing Education page for more information.



What communications can I expect as an alumni?

UW-Platteville Alumni automatically receive various communications. These include:

    The Alumni Today via postal mail
    The Alumni Connection via email
    Invitations to events on campus and in your area

However, as an alum, you may receive other communications as well.

My contact information has changed, where do I send my updated information?

To update your contact information, please use our fill-in form. If you ever would like to share other updates besides your contact information, please use that form as well. We appreciate your updates!

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