Engineering Communications

Course Number: ENGRG 5000
Course Name: Engineering Communications (Online)
Course Description:    Emphasizes methods of communication in the engineering workplace, including the development and writing of proposals, technical manuals, design reports, and business presentations. Effective teamwork communication strategies for virtual and co-located project teams will be addressed.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Engineering
Master of Science in Integrated Supply Chain Management

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
The textbooks, commentary, and notes provided in this course have been selected to help fortify the principles and the tools needed to achieve purposeful engineering communications.

At the completion of this engineering communications writing course, you should have developed or strengthened their abilities to think critically, write professionally, edit competently, create strategic visuals, and present well.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to

  • Use research and logic to construct an argument
  • Competently self-edit and peer-edit written material
  • Prepare and present a PowerPoint presentation to deliver technical information
  • Effectively incorporate graphics (tables, figures, photographs, equations, etc.) in engineering documents
  • Effectively write as a team, asynchronously, and at a distance

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1: The Communication Process
This unit addresses the basics of workplace communications. It instructs students in assessing their audience; organizing information; and formulating, writing, and revising an argument. This unit gives students the tools and techniques for collaborative revision through peer editing.

Unit 2: Using Presentation to Convey Ideas
Successful presentation of ideas requires the use of effective visuals and refined oratory skills. This unit addresses these topics and incorporates collaboration through peer feedback.

Unit 3: Applying Research and Logic to Communication
This unit allows students to practically apply their communications skills and techniques in producing such engineering documents as reports, proposals, instructions and web content. In this unit, students research and assess the impact of new media and technology on workplace communications. Students apply evidence and logic to research and produce a collaborative proposal and an individual written recommendation.

Your course grade will be based on your earned scores on:

Discussion Activities (5) 10%
Individual Writing Assignments (2) 30%
Presentation Components (3) 30%
Peer Editing Assignment 5%
Formal Proposal (Group Effort) 15%
Final Exam 10%

Grading Scale
A 93% - 100%
A- 90% - 92%
B+ 87% - 89%
B 83% - 86%
B- 80% - 82%
C+ 77% - 79%
C 73% - 76%
C- 70% - 72%
D+ 67% - 69%
D 63% - 68%
D- 60% - 62%
F 0% - 59%


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