Employer Tuition Benefits

Many employers offer tuition benefits to their employees. To see what your company offers, the Human Resources Department is the best place to start.

Benefits typically fall into one of three categories: employee reimbursement, tuition vouchers, and purchase orders.

  • Employee reimbursement requires you as the student/employee to pay for the course out of pocket, and then seek reimbursement from your company according to their requirements/guidelines.
  • Tuition vouchers are issued by your company at the time you register for your course. UW-Platteville then invoices your company and they will submit payment for the course prior to the start of the course.
  • Purchase orders work much the same way as tuition vouchers.

No matter what type of tuition benefit your company offers, the process typically starts with you, as the employee, requesting the benefit from your company. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

  • Start Early. Employers typically accept benefit applications within 60 days of the class start date. We suggest starting the process early as it often involves multiple signatures and approvals.
  • Utilize your Term Invoice. The Term Invoice was developed in PASS specifically for the employer tuition benefit process. Once you have registered for your course, you can generate your Term Invoice, which should have all of the information your employeer needs.

    The PASS Tips - Finances sheet shows you where you can find your Term Invoice, and assists with other PASS financial questions. You can find all of the PASS Tips here.

If you have any questions on using your employer tuition benefits, contact disted@uwplatt.edu or 800.362.5460.