Distance Education Leadership Seminar Paper Research

Course Number: DEL 7920
Course Name: Seminar Paper Research (Online)
Course Description:    Based on individual interest and consultation with an advisor, the student will be required to write an advanced research paper on a specific topic; the independent empirical research should serve as a capstone to the student's education experience and as a bridge to the student's future in the distance education leadership discipline.
Prerequisites:    All coursework toward the degree must be completed prior to registering or student must be in their final term.
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Distance Education Leadership

Modality Emphasis: A fundamental understanding of the different learning environment modalities for virtual education is valuable for individuals advancing in the field of Distance Education Leadership. This course is comprised of solely asynchronous components and is designed to be self-paced; however, the opportunity for synchronous sessions exists for individual meetings with the instructor via synchronous meeting methods.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a course that requires approval to register.

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