Course Number:ENGRG 7290
Course Name:Earth Retaining Structures: Design, Analysis, and LRFD (Online)
Course Description:This course is designed to fully prepare a student with only an introductory course in soil mechanics to recognize, design, and analyze concrete retaining walls, MSE walls, cantilever and anchored sheetpile walls, braced excavations, and cofferdams using conventional and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) concepts. P: CIVILENG 3730 Geotechnical Engineering I (a course in soil mechanics) or equivalent.
Prerequisites:ENGRG 7280 or equivalent
Program:Masters of Science in Engineering
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Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of ENGRG 7290, you will be able to
    1. Determine the lateral earth pressures acting on an earth retaining structure.
    2. Design and analyze a concrete retaining wall.
    3. Design and analyze modular gravity walls.
    4. Design and analyze a MSE wall.
    5. Design and analyze a cantilever sheetpile wall.
    6. Design and analyze an anchored sheetpile wall.
    7. Design and analyze a braced excavation.
    8. Design in-situ reinforced walls.
    9. Apply LRFD concepts to the design of earth retaining structures.
    10. Select an earth retaining structure type for given project constraints.
    11. Select a contracting approach for an earth retaining structure for given project constraints

Unit Descriptions
Unit 1: Introduction, Orientation, and Overview
Unit 2: Soil Mechanics Review
Unit 3: Lateral Earth Pressures
Unit 4: Load and Resistance Factor Design of Earth Retaining Structures
Unit 5: Cast-in-Place Gravity and Semi-Gravity Walls
Unit 6: Modular Gravity Walls
Unit 7: Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls - MSE Walls
Unit 8: Non-Gravity Cantilevered and Anchored Walls
Unit 9: Soil Nail Walls
Unit 10: Selection and Contracting Approaches for Earth Retaining Structures

Grading Criteria
Homework, Discussions, and Design Projects (Individual):   50 Percent
Homework, Discussions, and Design Projects (Teams):   40 Percent
Final Exam:   10 Percent
A: > 90 percent
B: > 80 percent
C: > 70 percent
F: < 70 percent