Course Number:ENGRG 7220
Course Name:Dynamics of Structures (Online)
Course Description:Dynamic analysis of structures using simplified single-degree-of-freedom models, model analysis and static condensation. Assumptions used in numeric analysis methods will be explored in order to better understand the output from computer analysis. Application of dynamic analysis as implemented in the International Building Code. P: GENENG 2230 - Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics. Recommended: MATH 3230 - Linear Algebra, MATH 3630 - Differential Equations, CIVILENG 3100 - Structural Mechanics (or equivalent for all courses listed).
Program:Masters of Science in Engineering
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Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
    • Derive the equations-of-motion for single-degree-of-freedom (SDF) systems and multi-degree-of-freedom (MDF) systems.
    • Solve for the response (displacement, acceleration, etc.) of SDF and MDF systems using analytical and numeric techniques.
    • Describe how damping affects structures and how damping is modeled in dynamic systems.
    • Describe the characteristics of ground motion during earthquakes and use ground motion data in dynamic analysis of a structure.
    • Construct and use design spectra for determining seismic loads.
    • Explain building code provisions for seismic design.

Unit Descriptions
  • Two units with a total of 31 lessons
  • Unit 1 consists of lessons 1 through 14
  • Unit 2 consists of lessons 15 through 31

Grading Criteria
The breakdown of points is as follows:
 Project: 15 %
 Homework: 25 %
 Three exams: 40 %
 Final exam: 20 %
Grading Scale:
90-92 / 93-100 A- / A
80-82 / 83-86 / 87-89 B- / B / B+
70-72 / 73-76 / 77-79 C- / C / C+
60-66 / 67-69 D / D+
<60 F

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