Contemporary Correctional Systems: Institutional and Community-Based Correction

Course Number: CRIMLJUS 7630
Course Name: Contemporary Correctional Systems (Online)
Course Description:    The course presents a study of the history, theory, and practice of contemporary corrections. History will be used to frame and to help explain how certain practices evolved from a particular socio-economic context. The course is intended to encourage analytic thinking about how as a society we respond to legal violations. We will review classic essays describing the social dynamics of punishment. We will also examine factors contributing to the rise of reformatories, parole, and probation from the 1880's to the present, the emergence of the rehabilitative ideal, inmate adaptations to incarceration, prison rights issues, the move to law and order or "get tough" on crime and the culture of control since the 1990's.
Prerequisites:    None
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online
Program: Master of Science in Criminal Justice

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, you should be able to

  • Discuss evolution and history of correctional systems.
  • Describe the institutional and community based subsystems of corrections.
  • Explain current practices within the correctional system that relate to the cultural, legal, and socio-economic contexts.
  • Discuss factors that led to the current practices.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1
Lesson 1: The Role of Punishment in Society
Lesson 2: History of Punishment and the Origins of the Penitentiary
Lesson 3: The Role of Prisons in Society - The Imprisonment Binge
Lesson 4: Who Gets Convicted and Why?
Lesson 5: Prisonization and Problems Plaguing Jails and Prisons
Lesson 6: Group Project—Living and Working in Prisons

Unit 2
Lesson 7: Prison Administration and Inmate Management
Lesson 8: Prisons in Turmoil, Prison Litigation and Inmates' Rights
Lesson 9: Special Inmate Populations
Lesson 10: Death Penalty

Unit 3
Lesson 11: Reintegration and Reentry
Lesson 12: Community Corrections
Lesson 13: Concluding Remarks and New Directions
Lesson 14: The Juvenile Court, Juvenile Justice, and Young Offenders

Grading Criteria for Activities

Assignment Possible Points
Writing Assignment 1: Wiki Page 100 points
Writing Assignment 2: Disparity in Corrections 100 points
Writing Assignment 3: Special Populations 100 points
Writing Assignment 4: Does the correctional system meet
your expectation?
100 points
Discussion Assignments (10 @ 10 pts. each) 100 points
Total: 500 points


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