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Corina Farez

Educational trifecta: a student gains a global perspective

As the co-owner and vice president at Wang Engineering in Lombard, Illinois, Corina Farez works with clients throughout the Midwest. Her experience, however, spans much further. Read more...

PASS remodel nearing completion

DLC staff members are entering the second phase of testing the PASS upgrade. Once completed, PASS will have a completely new look and feel. Read more...

Brad Jensen and family

Family motivates Marine to return to school

Brad Jensen doesn’t need a college degree for his job as an auto insurance claims adjuster nor for his part-time job selling appliances at Best Buy. So what made Jensen get his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration? Read more...

Danielle Bonin

Danielle Bonin

Even though she woke up early to get in a three mile run before work, Danielle Bonin is at her desk and smiling. Throughout the day, she seemingly never stops running as she goes from meeting to meeting, helping employees find the resources they need to be successful. Her job might seem exhausting to some, but Bonin is all energy. Read more...

Anne Lemke and family

Demonstrating Leadership by Serving Others

For Anne Lemke, servant leadership is not only a professional philosophy, but also a way to lead her life. As Lemke works toward her Master’s in Organizational Change Leadership degree, she is also dedicated to helping others receive the training needed to find work. Read more...

Michael O'Connor

A lifelong journey of learning

Of all of the words Michael O’Connor uses to describe himself—author, consultant, trainer, academic, practitioner—perhaps the most fitting is pracademic, which is defined as someone who is both an academic and a practitioner in his or her subject area. Read more...

Alternative Delivery Systems Executive Director Dawn Drake and Deb Rice at Rice’s 2004 graduation.

Instructor and alumna Deb Rice retires

Deb Rice first came to UW-Platteville as an undergraduate in the 1970s. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 1975, and then years later returned to the university in the fall of 2000, graduating with a Master of Science in Criminal Justice in the spring of 2004. Read more...

Jeaneau Swenson

Education and Adaptation: ISCM student carves new path through coursework

Jeaneau Swenson knows that if there is one constant in life, it is change. Her father taught her to step back and look at the bigger picture, which helped her develop a keen ability to adapt to unexpected circumstances. Read more...

Mitch Farrey

His Own Game

Mitch Farrey has the unique distinction of being a two-time University of Wisconsin-Platteville alumnus—with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, which he earned on campus in 2009, and a Master of Science in Project Management, which he earned online in 2011. Read more...

Leadership Skills

Develop the skills you need to lead

As organizations grow and evolve, every industry and profession across the globe is in need of leaders equipped to navigate the complexities of rapidly changing business environments. Read more...


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