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Program Coordinator Bill Haskins and Advisor Tania Pitzer presented Sablo with a certificate acknowledging his award from PMI®. Sablo will receive the official award at the PMI® conference in October.

Recent graduate wins a PMI® award

Gerald Sablo has a lot to be proud of. In the last year alone, Sablo graduated from UW-Platteville with his master’s degree in Project Management, earned a permanent position with the United States Census Bureau as its Liaison for Census Investigative Services, and won an international award from the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. Read more...

Transfer Credit Process

Understanding the transfer credit process

Whether you are a new admit to UW-Platteville Online or transitioning from one of our professional certification programs to a full degree plan, we have staff members and resources dedicated to helping you through each step of the transfer credit process. Read more...

Sargent with his daugher Allie

Group Work Yields A New Source of Support

When Cody Sargent was only a few courses into his Master of Science in Engineering program at UW-Platteville, he encountered his first group project. Read more...

Cheryl in Epinal

Cheryl Lange

From her time studying at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, to teaching English in France, and later returning to her hometown of Platteville, Wisconsin, a love of language has shaped much of Cheryl Lange’s life. Read more...

Spring 2017 Commencement

Congratulations, Spring 2017 Graduates!

The Distance Learning Center faculty and staff would like to congratulate our recent spring 2017 graduates. Read more...

Corina Farez

Educational trifecta: a student gains a global perspective

As the co-owner and vice president at Wang Engineering in Lombard, Illinois, Corina Farez works with clients throughout the Midwest. Her experience, however, spans much further. Read more...

PASS remodel nearing completion

DLC staff members are entering the second phase of testing the PASS upgrade. Once completed, PASS will have a completely new look and feel. Read more...

Brad Jensen and family

Family motivates Marine to return to school

Brad Jensen doesn’t need a college degree for his job as an auto insurance claims adjuster nor for his part-time job selling appliances at Best Buy. So what made Jensen get his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration? Read more...

Danielle Bonin

Danielle Bonin

Even though she woke up early to get in a three mile run before work, Danielle Bonin is at her desk and smiling. Throughout the day, she seemingly never stops running as she goes from meeting to meeting, helping employees find the resources they need to be successful. Her job might seem exhausting to some, but Bonin is all energy. Read more...

Anne Lemke and family

Demonstrating Leadership by Serving Others

For Anne Lemke, servant leadership is not only a professional philosophy, but also a way to lead her life. As Lemke works toward her Master’s in Organizational Change Leadership degree, she is also dedicated to helping others receive the training needed to find work. Read more...


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