Understanding the transfer credit process

Transfer Credit Process
July 26, 2017


Whether you are a new admit to UW-Platteville Online or transitioning from one of our professional certification programs to a full degree plan, we have staff members and resources dedicated to helping you through each step of the transfer credit process.

Step one starts with your admissions specialist. Once you start an application, you will be assigned an admissions specialist to guide you as you request transcripts from your previous institution and answer any questions you may have. While they are there to support you, we also have tools to help you anticipate which courses on your transcript may be accepted for credit. The first is the Transfer Information System, which compares courses from other UW System institutions and/or Wisconsin technical colleges. For students looking to transfer courses from outside the UW System, such as Wisconsin private schools or out-of-state schools, the Transfer Evaluation System is a good place to start. If you can’t find your school in either of these systems, don’t be discouraged – your transcript will still receive a full, official evaluation and each course will be reviewed on a case by case basis after your completed application is received.

Step two begins the evaluation process. An evaluator will look carefully at your transcript to confirm things like your previous school’s accreditation and that your transcript is complete. Then, each course will be evaluated individually. The evaluation process can differ significantly at the undergraduate and graduate level, and you are encouraged to review transfer credit guidelines for graduate students and undergraduate students. One thing they do have in common is that all evaluations will receive final approval from the Registrar’s office.

After you have been admitted, you will move on to step three. This is where your admission specialist will transition you to an advisor. This person works specifically with the program you intend to study and will be your main point of contact moving forward. One of their first actions as they help you prepare for courses will be to review your program plan. This document will outline how your courses transferred in as well as what courses you will need to take to earn your degree. It is important that you review your program plan and keep it through your time in the program, as it can help you map the path to graduation.

Sometimes a course on your program plan will include a note that more information is needed. This is an additional step that means the evaluator needs more details about the course from your previous institution to determine if the course in question equates to a specific UW-Platteville course, or if it should count for elective credit. In these instances, you will need to request a course syllabus from your previous institution and submit for further review. This is a common request for many universities and the instructor, department chair, or Registrar’s office at your previous school should be happy to help you. Your advisor is also a great resource during this process and can help you move to the final step of registering for the coming semester.

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