New Job, Same Skills

March 1, 2017
Distance Education Alumni Board member Kristin Carroll (MSCJ, ’12)


Catching up with Kristin Carroll

The last time we talked with Distance Education Alumni Board member Kristin Carroll (MSCJ, ’12), she was serving as a community police officer for the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department. She is now a Human Resources Manager in the university’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. “People are amazed when they learn what I used to do and what I do now. A great term I have used is ‘transferable skills.’ I know campus, I know people, I have great attention to detail, I have good people skills, and I have used my interviewing and investigative skills quite a bit in my new job.”

“I loved what I did as community police officer for 15 years. For family, hours, and my body, I pursued my master’s degree to open other opportunities for me. It took a few years for something to work out, and I didn't plan on going into HR, but things just fell into place,” Carroll said. “I love my new position! Better hours, better on my family, and better on my body. There is a lot of variety in what I do each day, and I am still making a difference in people’s lives.”

Carroll has always been committed to giving back and continues to volunteer in her community. As a Nationally Certified Car Seat Technician, she assists with the Madison Area Safe Kids Coalition car seat events. She also volunteers each semester at a speed mentoring event for undergraduate UW-Madison students in the legal studies and criminal justice certificate programs. In addition, Carroll maintains her role on the Distance Education Alumni Board, working to help students connect to UW-Platteville and to keep them connected after graduation.

Below, read why Carroll stays connected and how she stays involved. 

Q: What made you want to join the Alumni Board, and when did you get involved?
A: I received my master’s degree in December of 2012 and joined the Alumni Board shortly thereafter. I am one to always get involved, volunteer, etc., and this was one way I could give back to UW-Platteville.

Q: Do you have any specific duties as a member or certain things you help with?
A: I consistently attend all the meetings throughout the year and assist with small projects as they arise.

Q: Why is it important for you to stay involved and connected as an alumna?
A: It is one way that I can stay connected and give back.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as a board? What’s next? 
A: We have had a lot of new members recently, so I think bringing them up to speed is critical. We are also trying different ways to make the Alumni Board known to recent graduates. One way that we try to promote ourselves and give back is to give current students scholarships. This helps them financially and it helps us start spreading the word and work of the Alumni Board.

Q: What would you say to encourage students and alumni to get involved and stay connected to UW-Platteville?
A: UW- Platteville was a part of your life, and there are large and small ways to give back and stay connected. You can choose. The possibilities are endless.

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