Introducing new advisor for BSAD and ISCM

October 26, 2016
Advisor Heidi Hawk

As our programs continue to grow and develop, the Distance Learning Center is proud to welcome our newest advisor, Heidi Hawk. Hawk will take on advising duties for the undergraduate Business Administration and graduate Integrated Supply Chain Management programs.

While she is new to the advising team, Hawk has worked in the DLC for several years as a recruiter. Her experience has given her a familiarity with the programs and many of the students she will be working with.

“The reason I wanted to move from recruiting to advising was to build longer-lasting relationships with the students,” Hawk said. “In recruiting, I would work closely with people for a month or two, and then hand them off. Now I get to work with students for years, learn their goals, and celebrate the little victories with them. I’ve already been in touch with some students I helped get admitted into the program, and it’s so rewarding to hear they are doing well and to be able to help them move towards graduation.”

Hawk also brings a unique perspective to her advising, as she is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Organizational Change Leadership with UW-Platteville. She knows firsthand the struggles that come with balancing work, family, and school and can make practical recommendations to students to help them stay on track. Hawk has also found that many of the principles she’s learned in her OCL courses overlap with concepts in the BSAD and ISCM coursework, allowing her to connect with students on a deeper level.

“With my experience, I can really make educated suggestions as to what courses will help the students meet their goals and work within their emphasis area. Being a student myself, I can not only advise but empathize with them,” Hawk said. “I have this high-level view of the programs now, but as people become more comfortable sharing and talking with me, we can really tailor the program to their needs and experience.”

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