Financial Aid: What you need to know

December 29, 2015

Students come from many different backgrounds and have unique needs and concerns. But if there is one universal question, it would have to be, “How am I going to pay for this?” Financial aid is an option for many students, but it can often be a confusing process.

Fortunately, the UW-Platteville Financial Aid Office has a dedicated staff that can help you find the best financial aid options for your situation. Sheila Trotter, Assistant Director of Financial Aid, offers these answers to some of the most common questions students have regarding financial aid.

When will my financial aid be awarded, and how much will I get?
“This is a difficult question to answer, as each student’s information will be different,” Trotter said. While the timeline will be different for every student, everyone receives the same alert. When your financial aid is awarded, you will receive an email at your address instructing you to review and accept your financial aid award in your PASS account. The email will also describe each award type and have basic financial aid information that applies to the awards. Accepted aid will typically be disbursed around the 10th day of classes.

What is the “To Do List” in my PASS dashboard?
The “To Do List” in PASS is one way campus departments let you know that you have missing information.  The Financial Aid Office will post which documents they need to complete your financial aid award or disburse your aid. Clicking on the individual item will provide information about what you need to do to complete the requirement.  Financial aid cannot be awarded or disbursed if there are outstanding items on the “To Do List.”

What is the Financial Aid verification process?
Any student that applies for financial aid may be selected for verification by the federal processor or the Financial Aid Office.  Refer to your “To Do List” in PASS to see what documents are needed for the process.  You can also refer to the verification policy on the Financial Aid Office website for a list of documents you may be asked to submit. Verification can take several weeks to complete, so if you are asked to verify you will want to start that process as soon as possible to avoid missing the financial aid deadline.

How will dropping a class/withdrawing impact my financial aid?
Whether you are dropping, withdrawing, or have other concerns, Trotter recommends the Financial Aid Office website for general questions. “The website is really a great resource,” Trotter said. “We have information on the satisfactory academic progress policy, return of funds and withdrawal policies, and a lot of other information. Of course, students are always welcome to call or email the Financial Aid Office as well. We understand some questions are very specific, and we are happy to help.”

You may contact the Financial Aid Office at 608.342.1836, 800.616.0412 or

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