22-year veteran of law enforcement receives Lifetime Pioneer Award

March 16, 2011
Doug Ducklow

Some people just can't stay away from the educational grindstone-and Doug Ducklow is one of them. A 22-year veteran in the law enforcement field, Ducklow recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville's accredited online master's program.

An investigator for the Pierce County Sheriff's Department in Ellsworth, Ducklow returned to school in 2007 to seek his bachelor's degree in criminal justice and just four years later graduated in May with a master's degree.

"When I started my career, all you had to do was complete the technical program, pass the test, and you could be in law enforcement," he says. "Now, college-trained officers are better representatives and servants of the public."

Ducklow also received the Honorary Lifetime Pioneer Award, presented to UW-Platteville graduates based on academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, professional development and plans for involvement with the UW-Platteville Alumni Association. All recipients are gifted a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association.

"To me, this award means I'm part of a group of professionals who are committed to promoting UW-Platteville," said Ducklow, who plans to serve on the Distance Learning Center (DLC) Alumni Advisory Board. "I steer anyone I talk to toward the UW-Platteville's online program, and I will forever be active in recruiting for and promoting the school."

In addition, Ducklow also helped mark a milestone for UW-Platteville's DLC's that graduated a record number of students this academic year-almost 150.

Ducklow now wants to spend more time supporting the community and with family and friends. He remains thankful for the educational opportunities UW-Platteville's online programs provided him.

"UW-Platteville Distance Learning is right on point for working professionals. My degrees solidify all my hard work and tell that I've become the person I want to be, both professionally and personally-a trustworthy, dedicated professional who can be looked up to."

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