Request Books in Alternative Format


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This form is for students at UW-Platteville who are approved for the accommodation of books in alternative format.


Contract for Request for Books in Alternative Format

I hereby request to receive books in alternative format from the office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSWD).

By signing my name to the bottom of this form, I understand:

  • This is an accommodation provided to me at no cost. I am responsible for returning books in alternative format files, flash drives, CDs, and playback devices loaned to me in good condition. Other accommodation documents may include braille, enlarged print, etc.
  • The books in alternate format files are protected by copyright√£. I may not sell, share, or reproduce these materials.
  • Flash drives, CDs, and the playback devices loaned to me are the property of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Learning Ally, Access Text, etc.
  • All flash drives, CDs, and playback devices must be returned to the SSWD office in 103 Warner Hall by Finals Week of that Semester. We will make reasonable efforts to contact you, but please do not wait for a call or memo from our office.
  • If flash drives, CDs, or playback devices remain outstanding, SSWD will place a hold on your academic records.
Personal Information
The EMPL ID is a 9-digit number that appears on the individual Student Center Page within PASS. Click on demographic data in the Personal Information section at the bottom of the home page. The ID number will appear at the top of the next page.
Request Information

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