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Considering coming to UW-Platteville for your college experience?  Thinking about college is an exciting time in a student’s life but it can be a difficult transition; it can be especially difficult for students with disabilities.  It is SSWD's job to aid students in their transition by creating a welcoming environment.  SSWD accommodates students with disabilities, advocates for disability awareness on-campus and within the Platteville community, and meets with prospective students for informational meetings regarding the accommodation process.  SSWD also helps students maximize their independence and become integrated and involved on-campus.

This section contains information that is of interest to students with a disability who are considering UW-Platteville for their college experience.


The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities assists students with disabilities in obtaining academic accommodations and/or auxiliary aids.  Accommodations are available based on documentation of a disability and a personal interview process.  To qualify for services with SSWD students are responsible for providing comprehensive documentation from a qualifed professional showing a substantial limitation in one or more major life activities.  To better understand the eligibility process for SSWD, prospective students should review the Prospective Student Checklist.


  1. Apply and be admitted to UW-Platteville.  Determine that UW-Platteville is the university you will be attending.
  2. Your eligibility for services/accommodations with SSWD is a separate process and is done independently of the Office of Admissions.
  3. Send SSWD documentation of your disability from a qualified professional.  It is advisable that documentation be sent directly to SSWD.
    1. Have your clinician complete the appropriate Disability Documentation Guidelines or send the appropriate report. Documentation Guidelines for various disabilities are accessible on this website or by calling our office at 608.342.1818. You may click on the editable version of the appropriate Documentation Guideline, print it, and take it to the qualified diagnosing professional.
    2. In addition to the above required Documentation Guidelines, it is helpful to receive supplemental records of accommodations/services provided to you that show a history of accommodations provided at any previous academic setting (e.g., IEP, Section 504 plan, college service plan, etc.) and any record of accommodations provided for national standardized exams (e.g., ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, etc.).
    3. After documentation is received, SSWD will review the documentation and send you a letter acknowledging receipt of your documentation and your eligibility status. This letter, depending on the time of year, may come to your home address or your UW-Platteville e-mail address.  Because of this, it is critical that students check their UW-Platteville e-mail regularly, even during the summer or on breaks. This letter outlines information about steps you will need to take next in order to obtain accommodations.

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