Nutrition FAQs

1. Can I get something else besides fries?
Absolutely!  At any location serving fries as part of the Meal Plan Deal, you can get an apple, orange, or banana in its place.  You can also substitute a carton of milk for the soda.

2. What is available for students with food allergies?
Dining Services encourages students to identify their food allergens and meet with the dietitian to put any special dietary accommodations in place.  Students can also view menus, ingredient, and allergen information on the Dining Services webpage and call one meal ahead to have an allergen removed from the recipe or for an alternative item.  To put ongoing accommodations in place, students should call the dietitian or the dining location’s manager.  See a list of common accommodations and manager contact information.

3. What vegetarian/vegan or gluten-free options are available on campus?
Every location on campus has vegetarian and/or vegan choices available.  Dining Services also has an array of gluten-free products and recipes offered on campus. 

4. I follow a specific diet; how can Dining Services accommodate it?
Dining Services encourages those who follow a special diet to meet with the dietitian to discuss how Dining Services can accommodate.  Though there are certain requests that are difficult to accustom, we recognize the need or preference to follow a special diet and will take your needs seriously. 

5. Are the nutrition facts or ingredient lists available for the foods on campus?
Dining Services is excited to have launched our new online nutrition system.  The system provides students and other dining patrons with ingredient and allergen information.  Students may also contact the dietitian for other specific information. 

6. Where is the healthiest place to eat on campus?
Each location has mindful options.  Of course, locations with large menus with a wide array of daily options will house more.  Our two largest dining locations are Pioneer Crossing and Stations. Look for our Mindful Bite logo to easily spot these menu items. 

7. Do I have to pay to see the dietitian?
Dining Services strives to make your nutrition needs a priority.  Whether you have food allergies, follow a special diet or want to navigate the dining halls for better nutrition, we are happy to provide dietary services with the dietitian for free. 

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