Make the Most of Your Meal Plan


College is a time of transition where students make choices that develop into lifelong habits.

These choices affect not only your health but your academic performance.

How you spend your meal plan does make a difference when it comes to value and nutrition. 


Stations offers a variety of choices that include healthy, vegetarian and/or vegan, and gluten-free options at each meal. 

Stations also offers a salad bar offering a wide array of unlimited nutritious fruits and vegetables as well as lean sources of dairy and protein.


Meal Plan Deals are meals designed to give students the best value at retail locations.  Meal Plan Deals typically include an entree and side and/or drink. 

Look for the Meal Plan Deal logo to quickly spot these value meals.


Du Jour at Pioneer Crossing offers a daily vegetarian or vegan Meal Plan Deal for lunch. 

You may also choose fruit in place of chips or fries with Meal Plan Deals as well as milk in place of soda. 


Meal Plan Deal

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