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Lunch With Your Professor Form

Please use this form for “Lunch with Your Professor” program.

What is “Lunch with Your Professor” program?  This program is a perfect opportunity for yourself and or up to two additional friends to dine with a professor of your choice.  Dining with your professor will give you a great opportunity to discuss your current major, questions regarding a potential major or just an opportunity to get to know your professor on a more personal level free of charge!

Please be mindful of the rules that apply:

  • “Lunch with Your Professor” is open to current University of Wisconsin-Platteville students.
  • No more than three students and one professor per meal.
  • A professor, which is a currently teaching at University of Wisconsin-Platteville and not a graduate assistant, may participate in as many luncheons as they are asked.
  • “Lunch with Your Professor” is active during the fall and spring Semesters, Monday-Friday.
  • All requesting students must have a valid Pioneer Passport ID and must be shown to receive their voucher.
  • Vouchers are limited, first come first serve basis.
  • Dining Services and University of Wisconsin-Platteville Foundation will pay for lunch up to $7.00 per person, if exceeds $7.00, individual is responsible for the difference.
  • Alcohol cannot be purchased.Please use this form for “Lunch with Your Professor” program.
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