Kristine's Kafe

Kristine's Kafe

This convenience store is located in Rountree Commons and offers a variety of groceries, beverages, health and beauty items, grab-n-go items, and made-to-order options such as wraps, pizzas, and salad.

Behind the Name...

Kristine’s Kafe was named in memory of the late Kristine Laber, a bright young lady with an infectious laugh who was friends with everyone and loved yellow roses. She enjoyed drinking coffee mixed with hot chocolate and her favorite football team was the Miami Dolphins. She had a true passion for softball and was involved in cheerleading and basketball as well. Her parents sold the land to the UW-Platteville Real Estate Foundation to build Rountree Commons and the UW-Platteville Real Estate Foundation wanted to honor the Labor’s late daughter by naming the Kafe after her. Kristine’s Kafe and Rountree Commons honor her each with offering birthday cake on her birthday, March 10th.


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Kristine's Kafe
Tel: 608.342.7285

Cafe Menu


  Monday-Thursday   7 AM-10 PM
  Friday                     7 AM-9 PM
  Saturday                 10:30 AM-9 PM
  Sunday                    10:30 AM-10 PM
  Monday-Thursday    7 AM-11 PM
  Friday                      7 AM-9 PM
  Saturday                 10:30 AM-10 PM
  Sunday                    10:30 AM-11 PM





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