General Resources 

  • ITS Knowledgebase - Search the ITS Knowledgebase to find information on policies, services, and support for campus technology. If you have a question, this is a great place to start.
  • TTC Learning Channel - View short instructional videos on educational best practices.
  • Canvas Instructor Guides - If you are an instructor and you have questions about how to do something within Canvas, this is the best place to start.
  • Canvas Student Guides - If you are a student and you have questions about how to do something within Canvas, this is the best place to start.
  • Canvas Tier 1 Support - Tier 1 Support is available help instructors and students with Canvas issues. For contact options, please log into Canvas and click the Help icon on the side navigation bar. You can call, email, or chat with one of their technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
  • UW-Platteville Instructor Training Course - If you are a new instructor, this course may help you get started.
  • TTC SharePoint Page (login required) - The Teaching & Technology SharePoint page contains additional information about our services and the instructional technology used on our campus.

Specialized Canvas Support

There are a few scenarios where instructors need to request support from our institutional Canvas administrator. To make it easy, we have identified those scenarios and created support request forms that will prompt you through providing the information we need to complete the task. To help us verify who the request is coming from, you will need your NetID to log into these forms. If you are a new instructor or a returning adjunct instructor and your NetID is not active yet, please call the TTC at 608-342-1798 for these requests.

Enrollment Request
It is possible to have an additional teacher, TA, or student grader added to your Canvas course. To add someone to a course, this form and the required fields must be filled out, and the person must have completed FERPA training. FERPA training expires on July 31 and must be renewed every year.

Enrollment Request Form

Non-Instructional Course Request 
Use this form to request a Canvas Course to use for a purpose other than a UW-Platteville schedule-based course.  

Non-Instructional Course Request Form

Cross-listing Request
Two or more course sections can be combined into one main course in Canvas. If you are the instructor for all the sections you want to combine, you can complete the process yourself. However, if you prefer, the Canvas administrator will provide this service for you. 

Complete this form if you would like the Canvas admin to combine two or more Canvas course sections before the start of the semester. There are some concerns about FERPA when combining course sections in Canvas for teaching purposes. Please read Complying with FERPA when Combining Multiple Sections for Teaching Purposes from the Provost’s website. 

Cross-listing Request Form

External Application Requests

Instructors can request that additional Canvas integrations be added to their course. Many Canvas external applications (both free and paid) have been approved for integration. UW-System provides a list of approved apps on their External Applications Integrations Request page. If you would like to add an approved external app to your course, submit the External App/LTI Request form.

Approval for New App: Course Integration Request
If the external app is not pre-approved (on the UW-System approved list), please complete this request form to get the process started.

Approval for New App: Course Integration Request Form

Canvas External App/LTI Request
The app has been approved and needs to be added to your course.

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