At UW-Platteville, we strive to promote excellence by using a personal, hands-on approach to empower each student to become broader in perspective, intellectually more astute, ethically more responsible, and contribute wisely as an accomplished professional and knowledgeable citizen in a diverse global community.

The industry expertise our instructors bring to our campus is invaluable to our students. We are glad to have you as part of the Pioneer community.

The TTC has curated some valuable resources below for instructors to help make your time at UW-Platteville as impactful as possible and to help you focus on teaching.

Anytime Resources

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Commonly used acronyms

Here are some commonly used terms and acronyms you'll encounter at UW-Platteville.

  • TTC - Teaching & Technology Center, UW-Platteville's instructional technology support center.
  • CANVAS - A tool used by instructors to develop and administer course websites
  • LMS - Learning Management System (Canvas is UW-Platteville's learning management system).
  • DLE - Digital Learning Environment, a collection of software that is available for instructor use.
  • LTI: a third-party tool that integrates into Canvas, increasing its functionality. Examples are Zoom, New Quizzes, and Turnitin.
  • ITS - Information Technology Services, UW-Platteville's central computer and technical support specialists.
  • PASS - Pioneer Administrative Software System, used by students to register for classes, check grades, pay tuition, etc.
  • DAC - Disability Access Center
  • BILSA - The College of Business, Industry, Life Science, and Agriculture
  • LAE - The College of Liberal Arts and Education
  • EMS - The College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science

Contact Information

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