The Teaching and Technology Center supports several faculty and instructional staff learning communities designed to allow the opportunity for collegiality and knowledge-sharing.

New Instructor Learning Community – Wednesdays at noon via Zoom 

This community is for faculty and instructional staff that are new(ish) to the University (no matter how little they teach). It is designed to not only orient new professors to teaching, scholarship, and service, but as a place to meet others and share experiences. Faculty that are involved in this community are eligible for the New Faculty Startup Award (currenty ~$5,000 with a match of $5,000 from thier college). If you are expecting new instructors in your department, please try to leave Wednesdays at noon open in their teaching schedule so they can attend the New Instructor Learning Community. Email to get involved.

Friday Instructor Learning Community – Fridays at noon via Zoom 

This learning community discusses various topics associated with teaching and scholarship. This community is open to faculty and academic staff. Email to get involved.

Driftless Discussions Learning Community – Thursdays at noon via Zoom 

This learning community is open to faculty, staff, students, and the public. Sessions are focused on issues/topics important to the Driftless Area that we live in, place-based learning, and sustainability. Example topics include people and places of the Driftless, erosion, flooding, entrepreneurship, water quality, agriculture, Frank Lloyd Wright, fire, phenology, and more. Feel free to align assignments in your courses to student attendance on various topics.