Areas of Emphasis

The Sustainability and Renewable Energy System program is designed to meet diverse employer needs by providing you with two required areas of focus.

View the courses required to complete one of the following emphasis areas.

Design and Analysis

Deepen your understanding of engineering technology with the Design and Analysis emphasis. This emphasis provides you with the ability to work on the technical side of energy projects ranging from analysis, design, energy and wast reduction, operational, and process improvement facets in industry. This emphasis has a stronger foundation in mathematics, science, and engineering principles.

Review the four-year plan for the design and analysis emphasis. 

Development and Management

Explore the business and finance side of the energy industry with the development and management emphasis. It prepares you for a career as an auditor, inventory specialist, logistic expert or project manager. You'll deploy your skill to successfully engage and compete energy projects on a large scale. This emphasis has a stronger foundation in management and finance. 

Review the four-year plan for the development and management emphasis. 


SRES Major

SRES Minor